The Pauntley School Governors


Welcome to the Governor’s section. School governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education. Their role is voluntary. 

The role of the Governing Body is to provide strategic leadership and accountability for the school, and to ensure the clarity of its vision, ethos and strategic direction. We work with the Headteacher and staff to set the school’s aims and objectives, and establish policies for achieving these.

We contribute to the strategic discussions at governing body meetings and hold the senior leaders to account by monitoring the educational performance of the school, its pupils, and the performance management of the leaders. The Governing Body also oversees the financial performance of the school, and makes sure its money is well spent. We ensure that the school staff have the resources and support they require to do their jobs well and assist with a wide range of specific tasks. 

The Governoring Body is NOT responsible for the day to day running of the school.

Being such a small governing body we find that a lot of the roles overlap and therefore we are all invited to attend the committees and share the load. It is particularly rewarding to visit the school in our capacity as Governors and see the school in action through learning walks, work scrutinies and pupil conferencing. 

Pauntley School Governors

Who Governor Category Image Date Joined Appointed By Current term of office Committees Register of Interests and other positions held 
Link roles Number of Governing Bodies Attended 2019/20
Tony Larner Headteacher / Ex-Officio

2020 Ex-Officio 20/04/20 to n/a Finance and Resources None

Head at Glebe Infants

Head at Picklenash Juniors

 3 out of possible 3
Karen Boydell Chair of Governors / LA Governor 2013 LA 22/05/19 to 21/05/23   Finance and Resources
Cousin has produced school’s website   Newent Federation/Pauntley Partnership   9 out of possible 9 
Amy Washington Parent Governor
2018 Parents 23/05/18 to 22/05/22 Finance and Resources None  None  9 out of possible 9
Branwen Tyler Staff Governor 2020 Staff 22/01/20 to 21/01/24 Finance and Resources None None  6 out of possible 6
Corinna Cameron-Trevail Parent Governor    2020
Parents 22/01/20 to 21/01/24 Finance and Resources Teacher at John Kyrle High School None  7 out of possible 7
Rev. Kat Mepham Ex-Officio Foundation Governor
2020 Ex-Officio / The Diocese of Gloucester  01/09/20 to n/a Finance and Resources None None   n/a
Mandy Hampton Associate Member   2020 Governors 01/09/20 tp 31/09/24 Finance and Resources None None n/a

Governors who have resigned / term has ended within last 12 months

Date Resigned / Term Ended
Samantha Pennicard Parent Governor   2018 Parent 23/09/20 Finance and Resources TA at Ann Cam Safeguarding out of possible 9
Chris Ward Headteacher / Ex-Officio     Ex-Officio 19/04/20 Curriculum, Resources and Ethos None None 5 out of possible 5
Rachel Greaves Staff Governor     Staff 21/01/20 Curriculum, Resources and Ethos None None 1 out of possible 2

We currently have vacancies for a parent and Foundation Governor.  


Finance and Resources Committee is Chaired by TBC and all Governors are invited to attend.

Steering Group (Review of the Headteacher role and how well school is linked) is Chaired by Pauntley or The Federaton of Newent School's Chair dependant on the school where the meeting is held.

Business interests

None of the Governors own, or work for businesses that deal directly with the school.

Annual Statement of the Governing Body of Pauntley School 2019/20

This year has been filled with challenges for the Governing body, school staff, parental community, pupils and parents. The latter part of the year has been dominated by the COVID-19 virus and its impact on all of our lives.

The Governors are extremely proud of work done in school to provide care for key worker children whilst also providing weekly work packs for the rest of the school who sadly needed to remain at home. It is at times like these that the Pauntley spirit comes to the fore and everyone pulls together. The staff worked tirelessly, through holidays and extremely stressful circumstances to provide the best that they could in the circumstances.

Governors have worked with the staff to ensure that risk assessments are in place and the school provides a safe and nurturing environment for staff and pupils.

Just prior to lockdown the school parted company with Mr Ward, who had been head teacher for more than 7 years. The Governors would like to thank Mr Ward for all of his efforts throughout this period.

Subsequent to this, and alongside the local authority, the Governors were able to appoint Mr Larner as the new executive head teacher. Mr Larner took up post in March 2019 and has already begun to make the necessary changes needed to address the OFSTED 2019 actions.

The governors are excited about the prospect of working with Mr Larner and the staff to ensure the school moves forward.

This year the school has six priorities:

Development Priorities

This year the school has set out 6 key priorities for development and these will be closely monitored by the school governors:

Priority 1: Monitoring Teaching & Learning

This priority ensures all children receive a good quality education that meets each individual’s needs and encourages them to fulfil their potential.

Priority 2: Developing the teaching of Reading & Writing

Priority 3: Developing the teaching of Maths

Through the introduction of new methodologies and resources we will look to ensure all children are challenged in these areas.

Priority 4: Curriculum development

This area is fundamental to the teaching and learning within a school and we are beginning the process of evaluating how and what we teach to our young people to ensure that it meets their specific needs as well as those legal requirements of the National curriculum.

Priority 5: Developing leadership and management

This priority focuses on the management of the school and how leaders ensure that standards are monitored and maintained. This priority involves the work of the governors who oversee the strategic direction of the school.

Priority 6: COVID 19

A constant reminder that as well as the demands to achieve all of the above we need to be mindful of the need to keep everyone safe in these challenging times.