The school day

The school day starts at 9:00am and finishes at 3:15pm.

The school runs an'Early Risers Club' every morning. For a small charge (£2.00) the children are supervised from 8:00am.

The main entrance is opened at 8:45am to allow children to enter the playground. At 9:00am the school bell is rung by the eldest child in the school. Children line up on the playground and enter their classrooms for registration with their their teacher.

9:00am Registration

9:10am Worship

9:30am Classtime

10:45am Playtime

11:00am Classtime

12:15pm Lunchtime

1:10pm Classtime

3:15pm End of the school day

(After school clubs - please see 'extra curricular' section for further details)