Our Mission Statement- Through our Christian values, the love and care of our communities and a willingness to succeed; we endeavour to create a learning journey that gives children a soaring belief in themselves to reach their full potential as they grow in to active citizens of the 21st century.

At Pauntley we have three core values which were chosen by the pupils. They are: Respect, Friendship and Courage.

Respect: The school expects its pupils to show respect for each other and adults in the school community and the pupils are encouraged to value their own and other people’s belongings.

Friendship:  The school expects its pupils to find ways of supporting other pupils, restore broken friendships and promote reconciliation.

Courage: The school encourages its pupils to be courageous. Our pupils will face challenges from time to time, and they have to find courage to overcome them.

Every term we focus on a particular Christian Value. Clergy from our local church, St John's, lead worship each week and the children complete different activities at home and in school to further their understanding of each value.